Faculty Training
  • Finding the time
  • Moodle as a resource
  • Using video podcasts for quick lessons
  • Atomic Learning, http://www.atomiclearning.com
  • Proactively meet faculty once a week
  • Help with personal projects (photos on line for family)
  • Using share point (MOSS) for course content
  • Wandering is effective
  • Regular schedule tech support 10-15 minutes during a cycle, plan for 45 minutes
  • 10 minutes a week with administrators as well as faculty
    • Faculty save questions for their regular meetings
  • "Send three times that work"
  • Monthly tech outreach by department
  • One on one works well
  • Don't be afraid to cover the basics
  • Demo in a faculty subject manner for an effective example
  • Giving up faculty meeting times for work in groups and technology provides support
  • Week long "Boot camp" orientation for new faculty
  • Apple Store personal one-on-one training $99, all year, 1 lesson a week
  • In-service required refresh when assigned new laptop
  • Skill set in writing? Expectations?
  • Apple Teacher Technology Profile http://edcommunity.apple.com/ali/galleryfiles/15300/APD_Tools_Success_Asses.pdf
    • D3829LL/B Teacher Technology Profile 900.00
      The Teacher Technology Profile results in a report to the district or school leadership summarizing the data collected from
      teachers as to their skill, knowledge and experience using digital resources. In addition, recommendations based on data
      gathered, will be proposed to the district/school for professional development.
  • Difficult to balance faculty training with classroom teaching
  • Works well to dedicate academic technology coordinator to work with faculty on curricular initiatives
  • Senior administrators model technology use to promote faculty use