Read - "Send - The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home"

3 Pong rule- if an email goes back and forth 3 times- call or visit!
Use the Subject line better - be clear
OK to change the subject line on a reply
Know that 60% of emails are misinterpreted
Use the phone when appropriate
When emailing back- does it move the project forward or just push off or your shoulders- i.e. I can't make that date or I can't make that date but August 1 at 9am would work
Separate conferences or boxes for groups instead of mail lists
Use of filters
Conference for Helpdesk - set it up to help with communication
Emoticons work to help understanding
Have people read email line in with four different interpretations- "Great idea" "I did not say she stole the money"
Parents- use the phone to avoid misinterpration