Aruba Info (Low end WAP @ under $150)
low end Ap 41 list price for 195.00 it’s a single radio A,B,G CIAS cost would be $136.5.

Aruba is the only wlan on the Market that can also mange your wired infrastructure at the same time. With an Aruba solution CIAS Schools would be receiving these benefits:
1. Industry leading wlan controller that can mange a users identity on the wireless and wired networks with the same policy
2. Wired Network NAC
3. Bandwidth packet shaper per application per user per location
4. Enterprise Class Stateful Firewall, Common Critieria certified, ICSA, and ELA-4 Certifed. Speed of 1,4,8 and 80GBS of throughput YES 80gb core firewall!
5. Industry’s only thin WSoHo FW, VPN, and NAC device that can be centrally managed from a single location. Thus students studying abroad can be an extension of your network with out any involvement from the end use. Extends a schools network from layer 2-7
6. Aruba Management console can manage anyones 802.11 devices and manage the Aruba solution at the same time as well. So, we don’t need to do a rip and replace.

Please post any Trapeze info which could have been distorted up here.

i don't have brouchure like information like the Aruba stuff listed above. However I can tell you:

1. we have been using trapeze for 2 years and are very happy with the product. It is fairly easy to use.
2. the technical support has been phenominal.
3. for the most part, I have not had to touch the system - which is what i like
4. Integration with Active Directory has been good
5. Trapeze can manage 3rd party access points (though not generally worth the time)

I have asked out Trapeze rep about the aruba features above so that we can really compare.

To my knowlege, Trapeze does not have a low end access point.

Trapeze MP-372A which is a dual radio a/b/g for $260 (CAIS). Note this is a dual radio so you can use a AND b/g at the same time.
Trapeze MX controller: $4900 (CAIS pricing)