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Welcome to CAIS Connect - the Commission on Technology's Home for Connecting
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The CAIS Commission on Technology believes that the quality of a student’s learning experience in school is dependent upon the quality of instruction and on the resources available to all teachers and students. Discovering how to make effective use of technology is a crucial issue today—both to meet present needs and to prepare youngsters for life and work in the twenty-first century. The contribution that technology can bring to education is significant enough to merit an ongoing commitment to training, support, and personal networking among member schools and in the community at large.

• We seek to support school leaders in their effort to provide vision and changes in professional priorities as they relate to technology.
• We strongly endorse the appropriate use of computers and related technologies in various educational settings—classroom, lab, field, library, and home—as personal tools and as part of learning and teaching systems.
• We are committed to the creation of training programs to build confidence and skill in the use of technology, and to establish useful peer connections—among teachers, those responsible for technology in schools, and between schools.