Are other schools still teaching a computer science curriculum or is there more an integration into other departments?

Two topics were discussed. Should computers, computer literacy, and skills be done by a specific technology department or should they be integrated into the curriculum of the different classroom teachers? Additionally, should there be a separate computer science curriculum (programming, graphics, etc) or again should they be covered in a different department (Arts).

School should review what they are looking to teach and what there mission is in regards to technology. The issue is that technology touches everything. So or general computer literacy and skills, you really need to look at what is being taught in each grade and in each class. Curriculum maps may help. Some schools use the ISTE standards.

Schools are starting to look at the Library Curriculum as a way to incorporate technology skills and literacy. The issue we discussed is that our librarians or those doing the curriculum may not be knowledgeable themselves.

For the high school levels, we discussed the approaches of a realized computer science curriculum. Again, there needs to be a focused mission. Miss Porter's School created a focused mission and then organized their computer science department based on that mission. There is a graduation requirement and all students are exposed to programming in the required Introductory Computer Science class. The more generalized computer skills and applications are expected to be integrated into the other departments. ie: Science lab report in excel, science teacher teaches excel.

Look at the computer curriculum as more of a communication curriculum and literacy.

You will always have computer curriculum but the school has to have a clear goal of what they want the students to know. From this there needs to be support for the integration of certain skills into regular classes.