Data Management
Database Sandbox - How to get everyone to play well together, or not.

No best system for all departments

How can you coordinate data for your campus?
  • Keep standards in mind to avoid "hit by a bus" syndrome
  • Certain departments can capitalize campus database system preferences
  • Cannot customize to meet division or department needs
  • Identify data that needs to be shared
  • Training for crystal reports would enhance experience with Blackbaud reports
  • Core Database Systems, David Walton, offers Filemaker customization and PHP for web integration
  • Steve Dudley offers Filemaker system for all school departments with customization
  • PCR Educator for customized web development
  • WebEIM
  • WhippleHill has a strict SIS that can integrate with RE and FE using infosnap
  • On-site developer can support a high level of customization in systems such as Filemaker
  • Can SQL provide a unified core database system
  • One personal manage all data points of entry
  • Can a single system provide a universal data mining
  • WH without the SIS creates an additional data entry point
  • On-line bookstore ideas?