Customer Service- Is it the key to technology integration?

(Tech Support Puppet)
Helpful Books:
Fish! Tales: Real-Life Stories to Help You Transform Your Workplace and Your Life
Dealing With People You Can’t Stand
Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home

Group 1
1. Quick response, even if you can't fix it right away
2. Know the strengths of your department- BJ talks to quikcly.
3. Physical proximity to the classrooms
4. Consistent way of reporting problems and make sure that there is someone who can always check
5. Teach faculty and staff to properly diagnose (Sherlock Holmes)

Our Five Things (group 2)
Diffusing the immediate situation-- deep breath
2. Listening and repeating problem
3. Resist the the temptation to fire off emails
4. Sitting down with the person (instead of standing above them)
5. Don't devalue their concern or emotions

Group 3
1. If you have to repeat the same thing over- use the software Jing - construct a video- email it to the teacher
2. Associate trouble with items that are unrelated- i.e. Extensions- ext. = last name (needs to be with its' family)
3. Answer a question by asking how they would solve the problem instead of just giving them the answer
4. Library of email instructions (How To Library)
5. Certain techs deal better with different types of people
6. Children are also our customer
7. Checking in when times are good, follow up

Group 4
1. Laminated sheet with solutions to most common problems
2. Ask someone else in your department to deal with the person
3. Set a culture of mistakes...tone that you make mistakes also
4. Not everybody need to be a computer expert
5. Hands on- our hands off! You take the notes and they drive - Snapzpro
6. Poke your head into every classroom at times when things are going well
Do you give up?
6. A response to a request no matter what (even if it is, I will stop by tomorrow)