Coding for Beginners Tech Retreat 2017

90 minute session

Are you wondering what all the coding craze is about? Have you heard about coding in classrooms, but aren’t really sure of its benefits or where to begin? Then this is the workshop for you. During our time together, we will share how we implemented a coding program (without much coding experience of our own) into our elementary classrooms. This session will provide an intro to computer science, overview of the online curriculum, and strategies for teaching “unplugged” classroom activities. We will also have hands-on time to explore coding apps appropriate for elementary aged students, such as Scratch, Scratch Jr. and Lightbot. You do not have to be a technology teacher to incorporate coding into your classrooms. If you want your students to be creative, resilient, and patient problem solvers, then integrating coding into your curriculum might be the thing for you!

Facilitators: Marie Mitchell & Maggie Burchill
Maximum number of participants: 10