AUP 2.0 Discussion
April 24, 2008

  • Any posting to private or public that impacts the community can result in disciplinary action
  • Facebook Groups using school name and/or logo
  • Private schools, attending the school is a right now a privilege
  • Does the board and senior administration support disciplinary action?
  • Are cyber victims speaking up?
  • Avoid do's and don't list, general all-encompassing
  • Alignment with mission and honor code of the school.
  • Acceptable use guidelines, golden rule, all use of technology should be in support of the mission of the school
  • Be general since AUP lists can create omissions
  • AUP 2.0 Blog:
  • Educating students to take responsibility for the power that you have using technology
  • Educating students regarding colleges and employers using web 2.0 resources
  • Educate the concept of a "social networking site"
  • Faculty training for appropriate interaction in web 2.0 environment
  • Archiving IM messages? Using school e-mail system only for school communications?Legal
  • Legal obligations for keeping messages, must conform to your own retention policy
  • Important to retain communications if a case is brought to light (no deleting)

How is the AUP published?
  • Mailing? Signature? On-Line?
  • Enrollment contract agreement
  • Some schools require students and parents to sign

  • Cell phones?
  • Using cameras, develop policy
  • Negative checkoff for parents prohibiting using students in photos or video
  • Coordinate with communication department

Copyright issues?
  • Students posting copyright music content using the school's name?

Time management for students, appropriate use of technology
  • Difficult to monitor individual student use, let student find balance
  • Use peers to model appropriate using student tech leaders, weekly training
  • Develop multiple profiles, one for work, one for play
  • Let the students come up with a policy for a solution (i.e. Facebook)
  • Successful fundraising for young alumni using tech initiatives